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Life Lessons with Pastor Isaac Scott


Pastor Isaac Scott of God’s Touch Healing Ministry is an Award-Winning, Multimedia Visual Artist, and Human Rights Activist. He is a Fellow at Columbia Law School and Founder & Executive Director for The Confined Arts at the Center for Justice where he spearheads the promotion of justice reform through the transformative power of the arts. Pastor Isaac is a Columnist for the Columbia Spectator and his research investigates social and institutional methods of dehumanization in the justice system and in popular media. Since 2013, he's combined fine art, graphic design, and film & media to counter popular negative narratives. In 2019, Pastor Isaac launched Quarterly Films, a culturally sensitive and socially concerned independent artist-led film and media group of Isaac's Quarterly LLC, which provides video & media services and consultation to local change agents, innovators, and artists. Isaac has dedicated his life to using his creativity to continue serving and promoting change.

Through exploring the holy scriptures, Pastor Isaac translates the mysteries of Christian principles into real-time life lessons for sustaining spiritual health and faith in a world that has rejected God's wisdom and love for Humanity. These messages are meant to produce spiritual resiliency and spiritual clarity for everyone who seeks to implement the Lord's knowledge into their day-to-day living.

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