There’s Power in the Storefront is a testimonial musical performance from God’s Touch Healing Ministry. While no two shows are alike, this comedy-drama continues to strategically use the power of storytelling, peer advocacy and biblical affirmations to facilitate spiritual empowerment and teach love for God, Self, and the surrounding Community.


Research shows that people who are raised in disadvantaged communities are more vulnerable to abuse, neglect, and self-destructive behaviors and attitudes. Everyone has a testimony of a time when God saved them from destruction or harm. Some testimonies have yet to be lived, some are being lived today. Characters in this play share their personal experiences with poverty, sexual abuse, depression, death and incarceration. Hearing the stories of women and men who have preserved through their own life altering trials can save another person who is at their own breaking point in their life. Everyone has their own destiny and purpose in life and we want to lead people to live their best life in the name of Jesus. In this theatrical show God’s Touch Healing Ministry integrates different forms of performing arts to inspire everyone to explore their own individual life calling and to tell their own personal story of resilience and perseverance to help save the life of another